Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

Hello to one hello to all!

So this week has been great. I really love the Wembley Ward and don't want to ever leave. Transfers are coming up next week so I am starting to stress for sure! Just trying not to think about it. Allow me to share some of the highlights of the week.

So Evalina is our Romanian Investigator and she is doing beyond good. She loves coming to church. She feels welcome and at peace. She always feels the spirit but doesn't identify it as that quite yet. We have been reviewing her english with her because she had a test this past weekend and it was so fun. Basically we just got to talk with her and tell us all about herself. She is 21 and so cool. We are hoping to give her a baptismal date this week.

I was asked to speak in church yesterday. It turned out okay despite the short notice. I have learned to love short notice assignments because it forces you to rely on the spirit rather than our own understanding. After I spoke there is a part member family who has a son that is 8 and he told his mom as i was speaking "Thats who i want to baptize me." So they came up after and kindly asked. I am excited for him. His name is Darren and he has autism. Such a cool family. Hopefully the father will come to support the family and have a desire to be baptized as well.

So my companion and I are doing well together now. Last week we went to a part of our area that is like an hour away so he could get new shoes that he didn't really need but wanted. Upon getting there the shop was closed and he got all upset. He told me earlier in the day that he had set an appointment with a less active in the area so right after he bought the shoes we could just go and teach a lesson. Turns out he never scheduled and appointment but he just wanted an excuse to travel up there. So there we were with no plans as to what we should do. A little frustrated, I walked into this shop that was having a sale. I just needed 5 minutes to cool off. He called our district leader and told him this story about how i was wasting time, etc. Later that night our District leader called to talk to me and i lost it. So we had an unplanned companionship inventory that turned out to be really good for the both of us. Now we are good and able to communicate with each other effectively.  

I was on a companion exchange with our zone leader and it was so fun. We met with this family from Ghanna who was sooooo cool. They were the last appointment of the day and we were exhausted. Turned out to be so rewarding. She was a member back in Ghanna but hasn't come out for 10 plus years. Her husband is not a member but wants to learn about our beliefs. We talked and established a good relationship with them. Before I knew it i was demonstrating my modeling abilities or rather lack of them for all to see. We were all laughing so hard tears were coming from our eyes. The result of a solid relationship is unmeasurable. For example, she was planning a meal for us for the next time we came, planning to come to church, gave us referrals, etc. I love the people from Ghanna. They are sooo funny. I tell them im from Ghanna as well and they usually start laughing super hard. Then I speak a little bit of Twee to them and they are slightly convinced. haha...Just something about my skin color throws them off? FYI on numerous occasions, because of my ability to communicate with the Africans, numerous missionaries have told me that I was born in the wrong country....All those rumors about me being adopted when i was little,,,well im starting to believe them...

Every week we have sports on saturday mornings. Its sooo fun. Members, non-members, and random people come. The first few weeks it was a little slow. But this past Saturdaythere was around 20 people there. Mostly non-members. They always ask questions and because a lot of them speak little english, they usually end up coming to the english class we hold in the evenings. I firmly believe that if ever a missionary thinks missionary work is not fun, they are doing it wrong. I have never had more fun in my life. Despite getting a black eye from going a little to hard against a brazilian for the ball...its worth it. 

There is a talk that i read this past week about becoming a consecrated missionary. I will attach a link so that you can read it if you so desire. While it is directed towards missionaries, i think everyone can find personal application within it. I love it. Often times in the church we are willing to do almost anything but there is one thing that holds us back from becoming fully consecrated. If we can let it go, recognizing the lords will and not our own, we will be blessed. I testify to you of the truthfulness of the Plan of Salvation. It is more than just a cool man made idea. Indeed it is our Heavenly Fathers plan of happiness for his children. It is universal. It applies to all. We did live with him before this life. I was thinking a few days ago and it dawned upon me. Just 20 years ago i was preparing to come here to earth. Heavenly Father was embracing me and telling me to make him proud. The best thing we can do to make him proud is return home to him. He sees our potential now we just need to recognize it. 

I love and pray for you all. I love hearing where each of you are at in life. Keep up the emails. 

Love Elder Evans

the link to the talk is copied below. If you havent read it before, do it. I promise you wont regret it.

March 3, 2014

Recent convert Najay

February 25, 2014

Hello family sorry for the late response i know you were probably on your tippy toes waiting. haha. I have a good reason. Allow me to explain.

So these past few days have been wild. On Sunday after our PEC meeting i saw Sister Preya back in the ward. I was super confused and excited at the same time. She had moved to Nottingham about 3 weeks ago and I thought it was for good. She told us that she was only back for the weekend and was just trying to tidy up her flat. We offered our help for Monday and she accepted. We were thinking that we would only be there for around 3 hours but we were say the least. Upon arriving i tried to keep my composure when i saw just how much there was to do. I was trying to keep sister preya calm and thinking that it wasn't too much...but it was. I hid out in a room and called the Other elders in our ward asking if they wanted to receive blessings...haha they agreed to come help. All 6 of us elders were there from about 9 am to 8 pm working non stop. And we still weren't finished. We came back today arriving at about 7 in the morning. We told Preya that we were coming but not till about 9 but we came earlier. I knew that she was working with a deadline and i wanted to make sure that we finished. So the first day when the lady came she was rude to put it simply. She was trying to boss preya around and was successful with it due to her language barrier. So I helped her to communicate and figure out what we needed to improve to bring the flat up to par with there expectations. As i was making my list of items to do I couldn't help but feel like a chip off the old block (Making lists just like dad). However, I get that feeling an awful lot these days. When she arrived back today to inspect she was kind of speechless. there was a few things that she complained about but things that we couldn't do anything about. Like burns in the carpet from the iron and stuff. I'm not just telling you this story for fun but there is a purpose to it. Mainly I learned a lot from the experience. Whenever Preya would relieve bad news she would worry and tear up for a second, then remind herself that whatever happens is in the Lords hands. Her example of faith has always been and will forever be an example to me. If faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains then shes for sure capable of moving continents. We prayed more the past 2 days then i think we have ever before. It was such a wonderful experience. Truly the Lord had a hand in the outcome of the work. Sister Preya couldn't help but weep upon departing. We waved her goodbye at the bus stop. If there is anyone with a more powerful and moving testimony, I have yet to hear it. She is a saint. She trusts in the Lord and recognizes that blessings come in his timing and not when its convenient for her.  

But along with being super spiritual there was also some super funny things that happened. So for starters there is a missionary in our ward who is new. This is his first transfer. He is from saint George and is a handy man to say the least. You could call him Bob the builder....because i do. So there was a panel that needed replacing on the bathtub and he came to me exclaiming that he had the perfect fix. He told me that he had found a spare piece of wood that is not being used in a closet and its a perfect fit for the shower front. The only thing it needed was a little piece cut off from the corner. Thinking of it now, everyone came to meet seeking approval and advice on what to do. No idea why but they did. Even sister Preya was asking what to do. haha. So asking what he should do and me not really paying attention being in the middle of painting I told him that if its not being used for anything to go ahead and use it. So he did. We didn't have tools of any kind so he cut the board with a serrated kitchen knife. hahaha. it was so funny but worked! Innovative! We were doing one final walk through to make sure everything was in order before the inspection and we realized that we still needed to fasten a closet door. Remembering that I had put it just inside the closet I grabbed the screw driver and went to put it on. I looked inside. The closet was empty. I was so confused. Then i realized that the "spare piece of wood that was not going to be used" was the door to the closet! That Numbskull! hahaha it was super funny and thankfully she didn't notice when inspecting. Also her son Ovi fell down the stairs when carrying a plastic tote. I looked over the railing to see him upside down on the stairs all discombobulated. It was soooo funny. He wasn't injured. 

In other news interviews are coming up this Friday and i am so excited. I always love speaking with president one on one. Also the training are so good always. Speaking of training I gave one in district meeting a few weeks ago that was pretty funny and useful for most. As missionaries a lot of our time is spent talking with people. As such we need to know how to have a normal conversation. For some reason missionaries think that when the badge goes on the personality goes out the window and robot mode engages. So my training was titled, "TTi'm not awkward." TTI stands for Teach Testify Invite for those of you who are not familiar. I dont know why missionaries think its unworthy to have fun while doing missionary work because its not. I think about Gordon B. Hinckleys quote on life and apply it to the missionary work. He said "Life is to be enjoyed not endured." So too with missionary work. The sooner missionaries realize that we are talking to real people and not some number disguised as a baptismal statistic, as Elder Holland so boldly stated, the sooner they will realize that the mission really is the best time ever. I have never been so happy. I have never laughed so much. I meet CHARACTERS/KINGDOM BUILDERS daily. I love it. I love what I do. I use my personality. I like to make people laugh and crazy thing is, people like to laugh. I love people from the Caribbean islands. They are a hoot. For some reason they don't like Indians and tell them to go back to there own country. Which i always laugh at because for some reason the fact they they are immigrants here as well never strikes them. 

Anyways family, I wish i had pictures to send but ovi deleted them all. I love you and hope you're all doing well! Write me! I love hearing from you!

Elder Evans

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 17, 2014

sorry for not writing last week fam! Ill make this one good

So my comp and i are still getting use to each other. He has some ideas that i feel are not okay and im sure he thinks the same about me. But for example...for the sake of humor last night during planning he said that he was going to wake up around 9:30because its okay to nap on p days. I said yes thats true but its not okay to sleep in. His disagreed. So there i was studying all by myself this morning. He also thinks that effective finding is going into churches to preach to the people inside. I told him that it specifically states not to do this in the white handbook but he disagreed. So much so that he texted our zone leaders secretively and upon realizing he was wrong he said well i just wanted to go and offer service! haha. He also thinks that its my responsibility to make him know all the ward members? Pretty difficult task when he wont even speak anything beyond hi upon introducing him to people. He got mad because i walk too fast apparently and we are to walk 2 by 2. haha but things are good. We get along for the most part.

Nina is doing great. She loves being a member and having the spirit to guide her. She recognizes it saying that everything is just running smoother in life. oh so funny story we were talking with her about her wedding plans and she said that she is not going to be an easy bride because she wants a big wedding. Well the member that was with us didn't really understand that in saying this she meant she has a lot of family and friends so he told her "We can make your wedding as big as you want. We can invite the entire stake and if that's still not enough we can invite more!" hahah She was just confused!

Anne and her family have been doing good. So last night we met with them and Anne had just got back from her first time Visiting Teaching. She loved it! The Relief Society has done a wonderful job making her feel welcome and part of the ward family. Her daughter Shauna is doing great. She continues to read and study and wake up at 5 for seminary! She is awesome! She is the reason her family got baptized. She was praying one night for the right church to join and the next day the missionaries knocked on the door. Upon hearing the message of the restoration she said what do i have to do to become a member? Dope! Annes other daughter Najay has been having a hard time. She is a way cool girl and we get a long super well but I have a hard time connecting with her on a spiritual level when she always is talking about cars and the latest music. Haha 2 of my weaknesses. But i used them to my advantage. I now have developed the best fellow shipping technique. Everyday we write raps to each other via text. They are so funny and she loves them! She invited me to her birthday party and i agreed to come on one condition...I said that i need some stage time so i can make it rain...Restoration Pamphlets. hahaha she agreed! I told her that i was kidding obviously and that kind of environment probably wouldn't be the best place for a missionary. 

So while talking with people on the streets we met this man called Joe. Joe is probably 85 and looks identical to the grandpa from the movie up. He told us his life story and it is wild. When he was 18 he went to prison for 45 years for...attempted murder. Yikes. He told us that when he got out he met a guy in central london who "introduced him to God." From then on his life has never been the same.  He told us some crazy stories about past times and showed us some scars from fights he was in. Some one slit both wrists and his neck with a razor blade in an attempt to kill him. in his words "I guess it wasn't my time!" hahaha he is so cool and we are beginning to teach him. He wants to come and share his testimony to the youth at our church. Would be pretty cool! He said if you would have come up to me and talked to me about God when i was 18 I would have just knocked you out. No questions asked. He is a hoot and i couldnt stop laughing!

Well family i think that is all for now! The work continues to go forward and we are trying to get some people on date for baptism. I love what im doing and i love where im doing it. The Wembley ward is the best! Elder Adams is serving down here as well! Guess he couldn't keep away from me! Super fun being around him again!

All my love and prayers!

Elder Evans

February 4, 2014


So I have to be quick because we have a lesson in a few minutes. Sorry for not sending one to you all earlier but we have been way busy. One of the Elders in our district went home so we had to help him with all his stuff going into central London and stuff. Sad to see him go but he served a great mission. We got along so well. His name is Elder Jamieson from Scotland. Way cool guy.

Sooo...transfers came and I am staying here in Wembley! I am getting a new companion from Malaysia and i hear he is pretty cool. Apparently he is super humble, and loves to dance. hahaha i cant wait! Were going to make a music video. Cant wait to get with him. Also the work here is going so great and i would have been way bummed if i left. We just found a bunch of people who are miracles! Allow me to share.

So this past Sunday Nina got baptized and wow what a great experience. She was so happy. She is a way shy girl and after the bishop asked her how she felt and she responded "Words cant describe how happy I am right now." Such a tender moment. She invited her brother to watch and he stayed for all of church. He said when asked how he felt about the restoration "we have a saying in Iran that basically means you can feel when someone is telling the truth. I can feel it." So were beginning to teach him this week in which we are going to give him a baptismal date. They also have a whole family who Nina told us would be interested in learning more.

Next there is a lady called Tracy. Tracy is from Ghana but has lived in the Uk and Los Angeles for the majority of her life. She was a former from way back in 2008. Calling her was super funny. She was like I haven't talked to you guys in ages! She allowed us to come over. Upon meeting her we found out that she has 2 kids, a son who is 12 and a daughter who is 4. She loved the message that the missionaries shared with her originally but her husband was a devout Catholic and wouldn't allow the missionaries into there home anymore. They got divorced less than a year ago. She is ready for the gospel. I am so excited to teach her. Truly the Lord is hastening his work! Miracles are happening daily.

Family I love what I am doing and appreciate the prayers for me on your behalf. Trust me, they are working. I am experiencing more happiness now than i ever have in my life. Our savior meant it when he says that if we lose ourselves in his name then shall we find ourselves. 

all my love

Elder Evans

Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

To my beloved family
Sorry for not writing this past week. I got caught up doing other things on for some of our investigators. My sincere appologies. I was amazed to open my e mail this week and see sooo many e mails this week from all of you. I absolutely loved it. Keep it up. For those of you who have served missions, you know what its like to open your inbox and see zero new letters. But hey, there is opposition in all things right!? It makes me appreciate days like today when there is so many!
So allow me to take a moment and update you on the work here in harrow. First off we have an investigator called Nina who is 23, from iran, and will be baptised this coming Sunday. She is sooo excited. She owns her own company and it is expanding rapidly. In our lesson this past week, after the prayer she said ,"I have been thinking a lot about church and how i feel when i come. What do I have to do in order to be baptised?" My jaw hit the floor and couldn't stop smiling we taught her the Law of Chastity thinking that she would have problems with it being that she has a fiance. Nope! She is sooo ready and excited. She cant wait and frankly, i cant either.
There has been a lot of baptisms in our ward recenly with more to come. There is 3 sets of Elders in the ward and we all have people on date. On Friday evening Wembley 2 had a lady called Leah get baptised. I am always amazed how perfect they look upon coming out of the water. They are clean, pure, and can feel of the love of the savior. They know the decesion that they just made will alter there eternal path for the better! Yesterday after church 2 children got baptised. 1 whose family has been members for a long while and the other, called Fatima, whose dad was just baptised 2 months ago. He baptised his daughter. What a tender experience to watch him help her make her first covenant with her heavenly father. Despite his broken english, he did perfect. In 2 weeks time another Nina who has been meeting with missionaries for 20 years now will be baptised by wembley 1. She is super cool. She looks chinese but is from Jamaica. Super confusing when you hear her talk but she is awesome! Truly the Lord is hastening his work! It is easy and clear to see even within the ward in which i am serving.
Yesterday we had an open night at the chappel. We invited all to come and see what we believed. We wanted it to be a good turn out but not many investigators showed. But we still presented. My companion and I were assigned the family proclimation. As we presented and were listening to president Hinckley read it, the spirit was so strong. The principals within this inspired document, were infact the very principals that our family was raised on. "Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the principals of the gospel of Jesus Christ." I know that is true for i have and continue to experience such happiness. The gospel doesn't promise us a life free from trials. But it does assure us that we will never have to bear them alone. Considering the price that Jesus Christ paid for the salvation of each and every one of us, he will not forsake us now. When we come to him we find that he has been waiting for us. Indeed he has been aware of us all along. The arms of chirst only close when we come to him. Indeed in that moment, he will wrap them around us providing the reassurance that he loves us.
Thank you family for your love support and prayers. Indeed miracles occur daily here in England. Transfers are next week so i will keep you updated on what is happening with me. I cant believe that 6 months have passed since leaving home. These have been some of the most challenging, best months of my life. I love you all!
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Elder Evans
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Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

This is Eric. He is my favorite less-active. He is soo dope. He told me that he wasnt friends with this one guy because he makes him pay when he works on his car. he said "A friend in need is a friend in need." Close but no cigar Eric